Track 12: Endverse

Welcome to episode twelve of the Mixtape Book Club Podcast!

Do you love Supernatural? Are you a fan of Dean and Castiel, and their relationship? Do you enjoy reading Destiel fanfiction? This is the podcast for you!

In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author Castielslostwings to discuss fics based around the Supernatural episode, season 5, episode 4: The End, affectionately known as Endverse. The fics discussed include After the End by Castielslostwings, Hope is a Living Thing by Whichstiel, and the Down to Agincourt series by seperis.

Thanks to aleatoricWren, we now have a transcript available for this episode.

You can find our Mixtape Book Club Ao3 collection here, containing the stories we’ve discussed on the podcast so far.

A warning: Adult themes and swear words are mentioned in this podcast.

Our guest – Castielslostwings

Castielslostwings, also known as Robin, writes a range of canon and AU fics. Find all of her fics on ao3. You can also find her on Twitter and Tumblr.

Featured fics

After the End by Castielslostwings
Published 2020, 24k words, E

In 2014, Dean Winchester led a raid on the asylum in Detroit where a Sam-wearing-Lucifer was waiting for him. Everyone knows what happened next: the Chitaquan soldiers who accompanied Dean died horribly at the hands of Lucifer’s minions while Lucifer murdered Dean in the garden below and warned the Dean from days past that no matter what he tried, he would always end up there. There were no survivors.

Or were there? This story picks up where “The End” leaves off, from Castiel’s perspective from inside the asylum, a twist of fate, and conditional divine intervention no one saw coming. It details what happens after Lucifer dies, Dean lives, and the world doesn’t actually stop turning. A canon-compliant “fix-it” fic for the Endverse and a Dean and Cas who deserved better.

Or: “The End” was not the End. This is the story of what came after.

Hope is a Living Thing by Whichstiel
Published 2019, 24k words, E

Castiel storms the sanitarium ready to die. The last thing he expects to find is hope for a better ending.

Down to Agincourt series by seperis

  1. Map of the World (2014, 154k words, M)
  2. It’s the Stars That Lie (2014, 164k words, M)
  3. A Thousand Lights in Space (2015, 223k words, M)
  4. The Game of God (2015-wip, currently 580k words, E) – 25 chapters out of 28 posted
    Current word total: 1,121,000!

Agincourt Agitators community is on Tumblr and Twitter.

Other links

Other Endverse recommendations:

What’s your favourite Endverse fic? Please let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

Our intro music is “Angel with a Shotgun” by The Cab, arranged by Ellen 🙂

6 Replies to “Track 12: Endverse”


    Thanks for the great work! Finally a podcast worth my while! 😀
    For your consideration: this ain’t a love song by museaway (

    Would you consider doing either a familiar trope one and/or a creature one in general? I have read some of those over the past weeks and would love to hear your takeaway. @MalMuses I have read and enjoyed your “Alien Cas” Series, which would fit perfectly here. Although, I am aware that there is a clear difference between the (fairly small) familiar trope (that might be considered soul mates as well) and the (bic C) Creature trope in general. I also am aware that the whole MPreg thing is a different trope in itself. I have read a lot by the amazing Miss_Lv who took this trope and just slam dunked that bitch into oblivion in her series “Monster Destiel AUs”. That one was eye-opening in terms of how far this whole thing can go, to say the least *scrubbes off some of the non-con residue*. I am sorry if any of you have addressed these themes or future plans on them before, I am currently listening still.
    Thanks again, keep it up!💙💚

    • ellenofoz

      Thanks for commenting! We do love creature fic and have plans to talk about it at some point, for sure. And museaway fics are always awesome, so thanks for recommending 🙂 Glad you’ve been enjoying the podcast.

  2. Zelly

    I just found this treasure trove of recs after seeing it linked at the end of MalMuses’ “A Fish Out of Water.” Been in the fandom since 2012 and can’t believe I haven’t heard of this podcast. Thank you for keeping this alive and going! Clicking through the episodes, I see a few fics i haven’t heard of, they’re on my reading list now. I was also … hoping for your help… I read a longggg verse, end of the world fic, long time ago, and can’t for the life of me remember what it’s called or who it’s by. It’s destiel, traveling the states, sometimes together, sometimes separate, with a community being built out in… Rexford or Redford? Castiel or dean end up being the semi-leader of one community. Multi-fic series. I thought it may have been by Anastiel or Annie D, but it’s not in either of their AO3 collections. You both seem like incredibly well read folks. And while I understand that you aren’t a service… was wondering if you knew the rec I speak of. If you know of it, please help – I’ve been looking for it for y e a r s

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