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  • Track 32: Pirate AU

    Ellen and Mal welcome author Kitmistry to discuss Pirate AU Destiel fics. Fics include Kitmistry's Of Twists and Turns, Blow High, Blow Low, and so sailed we by insominia, His Right Hand Man by goldenraeofsun, Eye of the Storm by nickelkeep, and plenty more.

  • Track 30: Enemies to Lovers

    Ellen and Mal welcome author allmystars to discuss fics with fan-favourite trope: enemies to lovers. Fics include allmystars's This Cursed Sanctum, The Galaxy's Most Wanted by saltnhalo, (don't) stop texting me by feelthe_beat, and Such A Sweet Surprise by lefurlong, among others.

  • Episode 23 logo

    Track 23: Writers

    In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author opal_bullets to celebrate both 100k Destiel fics on ao3, and our Mixtape anniversary on September 18. We discuss fics where Dean and/or Cas are writers themselves. Fics include And This, Your Living Kiss by opal_bullets, The State of You by TrenchcoatBaby, Cabin by the Lake by CBFirestarter, and The Ocean Between Us by noxsoulmate, among others.

  • Track 20: Creatures

    Ellen and Mal welcome author sharkfish to discuss Destiel creature fics The fics discussed include trustworthy for such work by sharkfish, Dragon in the Cup by aishitara, Friends with Benefits with Tentacles by andimeantittosting, and the You Shook Me All Quarantine Long series by goldenraeofsun.

  • Track 19: Pride

    Ellen and Mal welcome author the_communist_unicorn to discuss queer representation, identities, and Pride in Destiel fics. The fics discussed include Last Night on Earth by the_communist_unicorn, PRIDE by tricia_16, and Purple Horse in a Coffee Shop by almaasi.

  • Track 18: Murder Husbands

    Ellen and Mal welcome author Duckyboos to discuss the murder husbands trope in Destiel fics. The fics discussed include Red Right Hand by Duckyboos, Dirty Laundry by vipjuly, and From Grace and Uniform by saltnhalo and ThursdaysWaywardWriter.

  • Mixtape Podcast logo

    Track 17: Kid fics

    Ellen and Mal welcome Destiel author DragonSgotenks to discuss Destiel fics involving kids. The fics discussed include A Fine Romance by DragonSgotenks, Light Me Up by tricia_16, and The Nanny by Kitmistry.

  • Track 16: Fairytales

    Ellen and Mal welcome Destiel author whelvenwings to discuss Destiel fairy tale retellings. The fics discussed include I Will Hang My Head Low by andimeantittosting, Cinderwings by bendingsignpost, and True As it Can Be by whelvenwings.

  • Track 15: Two-Person Love Triangle

    Ellen and Mal welcome Destiel author bendingsignpost to discuss fics in which Dean and Cas find themselves in a two-person love triangle (or rectangle!) situation—that is, in which they meet each other online or on the phone, without realising they have met face to face as well. The fics discussed include Waiting on a Signal by CBFirestarter and TrenchcoatBaby, Go Down With This Ship by PorcupineGirl, and Four Letter Word For Intercourse by bendingsignpost.

  • Track 12: Endverse

    Ellen and Mal welcome author Castielslostwings to discuss fics based around the Supernatural episode, season 5, episode 4: The End, affectionately known as Endverse. The fics discussed include After the End by Castielslostwings, Hope is a Living Thing by Whichstiel, and the Down to Agincourt series by seperis.