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  • Track 30: Enemies to Lovers

    Ellen and Mal welcome author allmystars to discuss fics with fan-favourite trope: enemies to lovers. Fics include allmystars's This Cursed Sanctum, The Galaxy's Most Wanted by saltnhalo, (don't) stop texting me by feelthe_beat, and Such A Sweet Surprise by lefurlong, among others.

  • Track 29: Royalty

    Ellen and Mal welcome author tricia_16 to discuss fics where either Dean and/or Cas are royalty. Fics include tricia_16's King of My Heart, Of Stone and Trees by anyrei and queerwerewolf, and A Midsummer Night in Las Vegas by whelvenwings, among others.

  • Track 28: BDSM

    Ellen and Mal welcome back author CBFirestarter to discuss fics involving BDSM. Fics include CBFirestarter's War Wounds, I Wanna Get Outside (Of Me) by emwebb17, Beg Pretty For Me by kittimau, and "Yes, Sir" by Redamber79, among others.

  • Track 27: 2021 Wrapped

    Ellen and Mal attempt to fill up your marked-for-later with a list of fics they enjoyed reading in 2021, but haven't mentioned on the podcast yet (or have been mentioned but made such an impression they need to be mentioned again).

  • Track 26: Witch and Familiar

    Ellen and Mal welcome author Nickelkeep to discuss fics involving Witches and Familiars. Fics include Nickelkeep's Leviathan series, Mail Order Familiar by Amethystaris and BlueMasquerade, and Familiar Man by bendingsignpost, among others.

  • Track 25: Alt Endings

    Ellen and Mal welcome back author MandalaRose to discuss fics that rewrite the end of Supernatural. Fics include The End is Where We Begin by MandalaRose, Buffer Time by SundayZenith, and Anamnesis by cenotaphy, among others.

  • Track 24: Time Travel

    In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author unicornpoe to discuss fics involving time travel. Fics include Psalm 40:2 by unicornpoe, Strandlines by aeli_kindara, So Much Tangled Thread by imogenbynight, and Jack to the Future by gothyringwald, among others.

  • Episode 23 logoEpisode 23 logo

    Track 23: Writers

    In this episode, Ellen and Mal welcome author opal_bullets to celebrate both 100k Destiel fics on ao3, and our Mixtape anniversary on September 18. We discuss fics where Dean and/or Cas are writers themselves. Fics include And This, Your Living Kiss by opal_bullets, The State of You by TrenchcoatBaby, Cabin by the Lake by CBFirestarter, and The Ocean Between Us by noxsoulmate, among others.

  • Episode 22 Logo - CrackEpisode 22 Logo - Crack

    Track 22: Crack

    Ellen and Mal welcome author PallasPerilous to discuss Destiel crackfics.

  • Track 21: Panties

    Ellen and Mal welcome author Ltleflrt to discuss Dean's panty kink within Destiel fics. The fics discussed include Satin and Sawdust by Ltleflrt, If the Panties Fit... by Jupiter_James, Pink by museaway, and The Curious Case of Dr. Sexy by hungrydean.